Bring It Back, Come Rewind<<<<

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Memorial Day Throwback Day Party

May 27th

4pm to 9pm

Tamboo Lounge

252 Main St. Brockton MA

Free Admission with registration

Why not take it back to a time we all consider the dopest era in music. The 90s and early 2000s when baggy clothing and bamboo earrings weren’t just a fashion statement but when the music that played over the radio was the music that set the tone for an entire generation.

BRING IT BACK, COME REWIND Memorial Day Throwback Day Party is a movement. It is a reminder that no matter what the current trend is and no matter what the next generation of sound maybe, nothing will ever compare to the house party jamin, singing on your voicemail, cassette recording sounds of the 90s-2000s. You don’t have to be an 80s or 90s baby to appreciate this era in time, you just have to appreciate good music.

No need to get frustrated with typical Boston weekend traffic and parking! No need to worry about an outrageous cover cost. The restaurants kitchen will be open for your enjoyment of Caribbean influenced dishes as well as a full service bar.

Tables and Bottle Service available.

VIP/ Tables and Sponsorship Contact 857-228-8572

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